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tangiblemode grows arts-inputs into augmented reality experiences.

Writing, film, music architectures, experimental video, performance, documentary, sound-art, all sorts of poetry…

Behind the scenes, we project data mining & semantic analysis onto these sometimes overlapping inputs. Multidimensional semantic datasets emerge. Combined with human-driven AI, as well as cutting-edge 3D touch-audio-visuals, we synthesise an AR experience that can evolve and adapt uniquely to each user.

Touch and sound are elevated from the supporting cast to lead roles, crafted to the same high quality and resolution we take for granted in picture.

Sound is defined not only by hi-res but by 3D space presence, seemingly emitted from the physical world around you. Touch is fine-tuned down to the pixel and on a micro-time scale – so it’s not just what you touch, but precisely how you touch it that matters.

We also feed touch interactions with audio-visual information. Whatever happens next, will depend as much on what you were hearing and seeing as what you touched in that moment.

Whatever happens next will also depend on where you’ve been before – each experience being shaped and crafted by its user – a game-like experience that evolves over time, that resists ever fully knowing.

augmented app experience
in live events

At tangiblemode, apps are not the end point in a production cycle. We treat each app as a digital starting point in a chain of events extended into the physical world.

The experiences and individual skills developed by the users converge in public spaces and are shared collectively – revealing new qualities of experience inaccessible on an individual scale.

The possibilities for designing live events around an app are as countless as they are so far unconsidered. Conceived as part of app development, we explore time, context and location as content triggers.

Activated at an event, an app may respond to many users at once, enabling rich, dynamic group interactions. The app experience may also be augmented by live elements in the space, producing “concerts of users” where notions of emitter/receiver, actor/audience are blurred almost completely.

Embedding apps in public events in these ways offers, in addition, an enormous potential to completely rethink the physical experience of the live arts event.


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