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Open Call for Authors 2018

3D audiobook production & commercial publication

Photo: Natalie McQuade

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Approaching the third decade of the XXI century, words such as “writing” or “publishing” should suggest a wider range of meanings.

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Remembering the future of reading

“The Commonwealth of the Future”

illustrations by Albert Robida (The End of Books by Octave Uzanne, 1894) | photo by José Tomé & tangiblemode | design by tangiblemode

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The 3Dness of words

Photo: Gerardo Garcia for tangiblemode

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Who has ever really listened to a word?

When it comes to listening to words, ears commonly tend to focus on a limited range of decoding processes. From meaning to subliminal tone and intensity clues, most of the cognitive effort goes into ‘understanding’ the speaker. From a broader aural point of view, that’s quite a poor listening, even for a single spoken word. Spoken words are not just symbols –such as those flat, typed words on a screen or on paper– but real things, physical objects, living events in our 3-dimensional world.

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Not e-books, not electronic journals, not online magazines, not newspapers, not blogs, not podcasts, not e-magazines…

If not that, not that, not that and not that, not that, not that, not that or that, then what?

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