3D audiobook production & commercial publication

Photo: Natalie McQuade

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Approaching the third decade of the XXI century, words such as “writing” or “publishing” should suggest a wider range of meanings.

By melting obsolete dichotomies between written-word vs spoken-word (turning them into a sort of continuum, a fluent craft), we contribute new possibilities beyond the traditional ‘circles of prestige’ in publishing.

tangiblemode invites emerging, early career and established authors to submit works for consideration towards international 3D-AUDIOBOOK publication. We are especially looking for works that imply or would benefit from a non-linear listening experience.


“Much of the 3D architecture and semantic-playlist features emerge from extensive text-mining and linguistic analysis carried out on the author’s work. Every book suggests its own unique architecture, its own non-linear pathways, its own semantic labyrinths.”


Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese.

Fields: Poetry, Experimental Prose, Fiction, Travel, Essay, Philosophy, Academic Paper.

Deadline: 28/02/2018

Full details: tangiblemode.com/opencall

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tangiblemode works at the intersection between arts, cognitive linguistics and technology, specialising in 3D audio applications in the creation of literary-based content (augmented reading). We are based in the 22@ Innovation District in Barcelona.