a touch-book

TLD (Todos los días*) aims at the ultimate touch-book:

  • an instrument for playing words and colours
  • a game for growing poems
  • a vast poetry-playlist calendar
  • a sound/text/visual snapshot collection

TLD collapses deep-reading, deep-listening and deep-watching into a fully active augmented reality experience.

TLD seeks new species of poetry lovers, users and producers…

*collaboration based on the homonymous work by Francisco Carreño

an interactive touch-film

exp_antiGravity takes a totally fluid approach to interactive film. Rather than a discrete stop-play-pause approach, the user surfaces content via hidden ‘playlists’ or semantic linking modulated by 3 dimensions of touch.

A ‘touch-film’, exp_antiGravity literally touches sound, dealing with the very newest approaches to the subject:

  • sound in time, sound in space
  • raw sound regarded as a potential kind of “music”
  • music (with its long-lived tradition) taken as a highly specific kind of “sound”

exp_antiGravity also taps into the explosive interest surrounding 3D audio (AR/VR), featuring many of 2016/17’s ‘noisemakers’ in the field.

a location-sensitive touch-book

instantFrog* is a multisensory touch-book incorporating indoor and outdoor location capabilities.

It expands a single verse of three lines (haiku) into a whole multisensory App:

  • a ʻbookʼ made up of potential books across audio, text/visual and haptic elements
  • content shifts in response to the userʼs location – subtle shifts indoors (within a single indoor space), dramatic shifts outdoors (across different geographical positions)
  • multilingual content – centred around the user’s main language setting and informed by their location – including up to 16 different languages

*collaboration based on the book, “El libro de la rana”, by José Pazó, ed. Langre, 2011

The Apps in the physical world

These projects are being developed for release as premium Apps for iPad / iPhone in the Apple App Stores, crossing games, films and books categories. tangiblemode Apps will also be enhanced by App-Events: augmenting the app experience through location-sensitive group interactions inside the app, peripheral emerging technologies and live performance elements.

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