format: interactive touch-film
genre: transmedia documentary

exp_antigravity takes a totally fluid approach to interactive film. Rather than a discrete stop-play-pause approach, the user surfaces content via hidden ‘playlists’ or semantic linking modulated by 3 dimensions of touch.

A ‘touch-film’, exp_antigravity literally touches sound, dealing with the very newest approaches to the subject:

  • sound in time, sound in space
  • raw sound regarded as a potential kind of “music”
  • music (with its long-lived tradition) taken as a highly specific kind of “sound”

exp_antigravity also taps into the explosive interest surrounding 3D audio (AR/VR), featuring many current ‘noisemakers’ in the field.

Apps in the physical world

This project is being developed for release as a premium App for iPad / iPhone in the Apple App Stores, crossing games, films and books categories. tangiblemode Apps will also be enhanced by App-Events: augmenting the app experience through location-sensitive group interactions inside the app, peripheral emerging technologies and live performance elements.

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