multimodal development environments

  • ongoing hardware development – 3D audio recording instruments
  • cutting-edge software tools for sound (latest Ircam technologies)
  • custom computational analysis – linguistics, acoustics, 3D visual cognition
  • generation of multidimensional semantic datasets
  • real-time on-device content creation, testing and prototyping – 3D touch-audio-visual
  • devising digital-centric live arts events

Beyond the usual suspects for digital audio-visual development and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building apps, we have developed our own specialised hardware [dummy-head microphone] for acoustic 3D sound reproduction. We combine the use of acoustic 3D sound capture with virtual 3D sound production [computer-generated sound spatialisation], enabling a high degree of naturalness and a finer degree of control over audio-visual quality and content.

As Ircam Forum members (Centre Pompidou, Paris), we have access to the latest, cutting-edge research and tools for sound professionals. We dynamically reshape and adapt these tools to our specific production needs and treat them as key factors in content development and real-time on-device prototyping.

arts production : AR development

  • digital native content creation
  • unique workflow: arts, science and programming collaboratively involved throughout the entire development process
  • real-time on-device prototyping keeping the creation process in the hands of all the maker/s

tangiblemode brings leading arts practitioners into close contact with professional programmers and mobile developers in the very conceptual stages of a project, continuing to evolve ideas through a ‘hands-on’ dynamic development process. Real-time on-device prototyping keeps the creation process connected, quite literally in the hands of all the maker/s involved.

Our core team, collaborators and advisors include film-makers, programmers, architects, poets, app developers, script-writers, sound-artists, engineers, video-artists, neighbours, voice-actors, linguists, musicologists, scientists as well as international experts in business and new tech companies.

By offering a high quality near-lossless medium, we are also closing the distance between many artists/makers and their audiences. Hardware notwithstanding, an audience can get their hands, ears and eyes on content that is much closer to the makers’ experience in creating it than in many more traditional art-audience formats.

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